60 Min: $60

60 Min: $70
90 Min: $100
120 Min: $130​

3 – 60 Min: $160
5 – 60 Min: $250​


Energy Balancing 

Utilizing Japanese Reiki energy and techniques, we work to raise energetic vibration and encourage healing where it is needed. Session will include energy balancing by assisting the clearing blockages and promoting the flow of energy. Session may include the use of crystals, breathing techniques, acupressure, reflexology, and guided meditation.

Energy Balancing Packages:

Massage Packages:

Energy Balancing sessions

3 – 60 Min: $195 ($65/massage)
3 – 90 Min: $285 ($95/massage)
5 – 60 Min: $300 ($60/massage)
5 – 90 Min: $450 ($90/massage)​

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Integrative Therapeutic Massage

   We will determine what your specific needs and goals are before the session and, utilizing a combination of modalities and techniques, create a session we believe will best suite your natural healing and well being.

   Your session may range from Swedish massage for relaxation, Deep Tissue techniques to address chronic pan, or anywhere in between including lymphatic massage, sports massage, and myofascial techniques. Aromatherapy, warm towels, and cupping may all be incorporated at no additional cost.